Complaint Against a Service

Unity Health Care

I chose Unity randomly because it was on my health care provider’s list.  I made an appointment as a new patient for about a month out and on the day of the appointment, it was canceled because the dentist couldn’t make it in.

When I called to reschedule, the only time they had available in the next 6 weeks was on the day that I was supposed to leave for holiday vacation.  I begged for them to fit me in sooner,

because it wasn’t my fault that they canceled my appointment and that I’d have to wait another month for my appointment, but they were unhelpful and unfriendly.  So I delayed my visit home to see my family so that I could accept the only appointment they had available- with a different dentist.

And guess what??  The morning of the appointment, they called and canceled AGAIN!  Unacceptable! It wasn’t even the same dentist who canceled on me twice.

They should have fit me in with another dentist if they have dentists who randomly don’t want to show up for work.  I scheduled my Christmas vacation around the only appointment they had available!

Their dentists are unprofessional, their scheduling employees are unprofessional, and the staff at the office itself are unprofessional and especially unhelpful.

(202) 838-8118

1251 Saratoga Ave Washington, DC 20018 b/t N 12th St & N Brentwood Rd Brentwood