Complaint Against a Service United States

Universal Auto Repair and Sales Inc

I purchased a truck from Camilo Ossa at Universal auto sales and as soon as I drove it off the lot on my way home the check engine light came on. I brought it to my mechanic immediatly and he brought to my attention that the truck was leaning to one side.

I didnt notice this when I looked at it at the dealership if you want to call it that. My mechanic took the truck into his shop and discoverd the truck had been in at least 1 major accident. The rear axle was bent and the leaf springs, rear differential, shocks, and steering rod needed to be replaced.

The truck was sent for an alinement and falled twice and the truck could not pass inspection so it could not be registered. I called Camilo Ossa right away and explained to him how bad the truck was and he offered no assistance and told me that the truck has no warranty and it was not his problem.

I aske him several times to help me with the stagering cost of the repairs and he told me to sue him because he wasnt helping me. To date the truck has costed me over$12,000 in repairs just to get it to pass inspectin and make it driveable.

Dishonest people who rip off hard working people should not be allowed to operate a business in this country and should be deported.

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Ashland
Address 9 Summer St
Phone 1 508-231-5200