University Mazda

I just came back from the dealership. Or I should say, I walked out of the dealership pissed about the terrible experience I had with their salesman. My wife and I went here looking to test drive and get a feel of the Mazda 6 and the CX-5.

However, the moment the sales guy started talking to us, we could sense the rudeness in his tone and language. In summary, he told us that he is not going to show us any car unless we are absolutely sure of buying a car in the next one and a half hour.

He didn’t even let us look around or inside the car as he kept on talking to us to get an answer if we were going to buy the car in the next hour. And keep in mind, this was within 5 minutes of us arriving at the dealership Eventually, about 10 minutes into listening to his B.S., we both decided that it is our best interest to look for a Mazda at some other dealership.

We told him that we are going to take some time to decide if we are going to buy a Mazda and then started walking out. He said, “good choice!”. That was the final nail in the coffin, that convinced us that WE WILL NEVER GO HERE AGAIN AND HE REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO SELL US A CAR.

So, we walk out of the parking lot of the dealership but still turned back and decide to come back to their sales office and at least let the manager politely know of this utter disaster on their part.

I appreciate the manager for his apologies, but his excuse that there are too many customers for the salesmen to work with wasn’t convincing. Treating your customers like sh*t is a sure shot road to failure in business.

The risk on us is that even if this might be a one-off bad apple (that salesman) at that dealership, we can’t rely on good service/care from them even AFTER you buy a car here.

(206) 634-1191

522 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA, 98105