Complaint Against a Service South Africa

University of South Africa [UNISA] — Rude Post Grad Supervisor

The professor does not respond to emails on time. When he decides to responds his emails are rude and abstract yet they are supposed to be guiding us, what does it mean when you have a supervisor who rights comments like “you dont know what you are talking about”, “I am a busy person do not write things that do not make sense, you are wasting my time and your time”, “you have no interest in what you are doing” “you dont care about your work”, “you have copied and pasted” they have software to check if the information has been plagiarized why coming to a conclusion like that when they have not even checked it. When i check it myself there is 2% plagiarism but the professor makes such a bold comment. We are paying to learn and they are supposed to be guiding us with constructive comments

University of South Africa [UNISA] Customer Care Service
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