Complaint Against a Service

Arabesque Dance Studio / non receipt of goods, unlisted seller, abusive emails

I ordered yoga pants for a dance costume – 13 pairs. Paid with a credit card. Received email receipt then a couple of days later the order was canceled after I asked a question about the goods.

I reordered, dumb I know now, and paid again, first payment was refunded, and have been waiting, Concert day has come and gone, the 2 different tracking numbers do not work and so today I told him I wanted a full refund and he said he can’t because it is out of his hands.

I can’t find his company on your site even though the screenshots he sent all have aliexpress on them. I emailed and told him I have had enough and that he is a phony and then got an email back telling me to F off etc Great way to treat customers.

I don’t know what is going on but I am out of pocket and am very upset and angry. I have only used aliexpress once or twice before and am very wary now. I have been trying your 24/7 customer service and keep getting a robot EVA and can’t get anything other than the same question over and over.

I have emails but don’t know how to attach them updated by¬†Marion Bernhardt, Nov 26, 2018I just want my money back and this guy stopped from doing this to others. His name is Brandon Morales and the shop is Brandon EZ shop