Complaint Against a Service

AIESEC International / Unprofessional and Misleading behaviour from Aiesec Ceske Budejovice volunteer coordinator

Good day, 

My name is Prince Fara-Farai Awindor. I am a University student from Ghana and I applied to the AIESEC project, Edison- Breaking Cultural Barriers in Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic for the period of 6 weeks. I was accepted for the project on 16th April 2019.

After acceptance, I got into contact with Thomas and since then I have not been able to finalize anything in relation to the project. I was informed there were problems with regards to accommodation and documents for the visa. He, Thomas Walker did not update me on events in relation to the project and I have always had to prompt him for information.

For weeks I was just told to hold on and wait for updates and clarifications which never came. I was not redirected to anyone else neither was I given steps to take in order to finalize my application for the project.

This is my first time having any relation with Aiesec thus I do not know the procedure and processes involved in the cross-cultural exchanges.

I would like to say that I am terribly disappointed at the way I have been treated and the way my situation has been handled. Up till now, there has been no resolution of my situation despite the fact that I complained to Thomas Walker. I do not know if I would be going for the project at all because I have next to no information as to the steps I have to take or documents I need in order to apply for the visa or get ready for the exchange.

The level of unprofessionalism in this organization has convinced me that I would have no further dealings with it neither would I recommend it to anyone I know.

I hope this complaint would be considered and steps would be taken to improve the performance of the people in charge. Hope to hear a response soon.

Sincerely, Prince Fara-Farai Awindor