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Urban Outfitters / THC game

My 16 year old daughter found and purchased a THC board game at the Urban Outfitters in Suburban Square. I am quite shocked that a company would market and sell a drug game to teens. Urban Outfitters needs to be aware that teens are a significant part of their clientele, and not just young adults. Marijuana for recreational purposes is still illegal in Pennsylvania.

A store that largely serves teenagers should NOT be selling a game based on Marijuana or glorifying drug use, and nor is it funny. I have now spoken to approximately 10 mothers about this. They all agree that this game is inappropriate and it should not be marketed and sold to teenagers.

As a psychiatrist, I want you to be aware that the brain develops until your mid 20s. I have seen marijuana precipitate significant mental illness (including schizophrenia) and this does not go away once the person stops using. Drugs, including marijuana, can ruin a young person’s entire life.

I was shocked that your store would promote a game such as this. I understand that I need to deal with my daughter personally as well. However, a store should have some accountability and stop glorifying drug use just to make a buck. Shame on you.

And the sad thing is that you don’t even understand the dangerous psychiatric complications that can arise. I am asking you to consider remove games that are based on drug paraphernalia from your stores, and stop selling them to teens. Making money is not worth the damage that can potentially happen.

I look forward to hearing from you. Hopefully, you will strongly consider my request to remove this product and stop marketing drugs to teenagers.

Margi C. Shah, MD

Urban Outfitters Customer Service
5000 South Broad Street Building 10
Philadelphia, PA
United States – 19112
+1 800 282 2200