Complaint Against a Service

Urgent Care Matters

I never tried an “urgent care” center and decided to try one when I woke up with pink eye. I pretty much knew the diagnosis and just wanted a quick place outside of my doctors office to get a prescription so I could start treatment right away.

I walked into the Urgent Care Facility on St. Barnabas Road and thought, “Mmm nice and clean, ok”. That great impression didn’t last long. 1. For it to be a health facility I was rather surprised that there were NO Hand Sanitizer bottles placed all throughout the waiting room and the center.

There wasn’t even one in the exam room! I had Pink Eye which is highly contagious and the receptionist had me using the same pen and clipboard that all the other patients were using.

I had to hand her my ID so she also touched objects that I had touched. Luckily I know how contagious pink eye is and made sure that I did not touch my eye and kept my hands sanitized with my personal stash so that I would not share my germs with others.

(301) 893-4513

5474 St Barnabas Rd Oxon Hill, MD 20745