Complaint Against a Service

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Date of incidents: 12-3-18, 12-5-18, 12-6-18, 12-7-18
Patricia Bradfield card #[protected]

I made a Zelle Transfer for $700 to my Daughter’s account that never went through on 12-1-18. I had to make a check deposit to her account instead. Every time I called your customer service representatives never listened to the problem. They kept saying it will go through in 1-3 days. I asked if we could cancel the transaction and every time they told me no.

I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and they said there were none available and they would have someone call me back, never happened. The last Representative I spoke to on 12-7-18 said his name was James and he would have to file a dispute and it would take up to 10 days for resolution. I am a 74-year-old woman on Social Security with a very tight budget.

I am late on a couple of payments which will affect my credit and also add late fees. I asked if I could talk to a supervisor and James informed me that he was a supervisor and the Manager for online banking. I asked if I could rush the dispute and he basically said no and everyone else needs their money just as bad as I do.

Very rude and made me feel stupid. I have a dispute number 814408H6F0S3. Need the money credited asap. I know to your bank I am really not that important and will need to transfer my account to another bank. Please e-mail me with any resolution that can help.

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