Complaint Against a Service United States

US Concealed Online

After seeing an advertisement for an online concealed carry permit I went to the website and began the process of obtaining a concealed carry permit. You have to input your credit card information prior to seeing the total cost. When the total cost was displayed which included items that I did not want I changed my mind and did not want to purchase the product.

I exited the website only to find an email that stated they had charged my credit card. I immediately called the company and they said that they would not refund the entire charge. This complete transaction took less than three minutes to complete including the phone call and I am now forced to contact my credit card company to dispute the charges. This is unethical and misleading.

Country United States
State Nevada
City Stateline
Address 297 Kingsbury Grade Suite 1163 Mail Box 4470
Phone (800) 765-0208