Complaint Against A Cheater United States

USA Berkey Filters

I spent $334.80 for Travel Berkey with carbon black filters plus flouride arsenic filters.

I could not get the two black filters to actually filter water.

After troubleshooting their Black Filters for 2.5 days, I was beyond frustrated. Plus two phone calls. The 2nd lady I spoke with was just cold and deattached telling me I had to fill out a warranty claim.

The other lady Erika stated that I needed to wait on the replacement filters and that the “used filters” (defective filters) would cause me to only get 50% of my order refunded.

Okay, let’s clear up this deception about “used” vs. “defective”. When it comes to water filters, there’s no other way to discover if the filters are defective than to try running water through them. You would think this would be “common sense”, however evidently with this shady company, it’s not!

She even put that in the email and also said it over the phone, which is of course, recorded conversation on my phone. (Yeah, I’m in Texas, I don’t need your permission to record my own conversations.)

I did email her back and explained my logic. The point of this is when you practice deceptively and try saying the filters are used instead of defective, you lose business and your reputation is now going to be tarnished because of this practice.

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 3225 McLeod Drive
Phone (888) 213-3394