Complaint Against a Service USA

USA Carpet and Vinyl

This above statement is the only thing that we can tell you. When you visit their store, you will find all beautiful designs. And when you order that, you will net get that one bot completely different.

Why? Because the team that they have for carpenting do not even have the skills to do the basic things. Forget about the specialties that they show you in their store.

Me and my husband visited their store and were mesmerized with their designs. We ordered what we thought the best for our home but when they started working all were like wasting money and woods and doing nothing out of it.

First they started doing our new flooring, which to our surprise was completely bad floor with lot of pot holes of wood (finishing not done properly). It was not polished and left the surface rough so that dust cannot be cleaned properly.

Then they started doing our rug on the floor and they tore a big hole on it. Both floor and the carpet work was a complete disaster at our home now and of no use.

Nobody will say that it is a new one installed in our home. The quality of work is extremely poor and we never recommend their services.