Complaint Against a Service United States / $1000 Amazon Gift Card and Test the New MacBook

I completed all the requirements and a couple extra to no avail on both of them. I’ve reported them to the Federal Consumer Department. I have proof that I completed the requirements and keep getting texts and they haven’t even answered my complaint. Scam and fraud. I’m going to report them to the FBI.
They keep texting me from a strange number 835-16 asking me to share it with 5 friends, trying to scam my friends and myself. I’m including pictures of the texts and offers I completed all for nothing. They need to be held accountable and fulfill their legal obligations. I ended up spending money for nothing. The companies that are being used need to do something to put an end to this scam.
I feel really stupid for falling for it twice, the last one was an ad on Facebook and Facebook needs to do something to protect users, I thought it was a different place until the texts and completing offers with no rewards. Take them down.