Complaint Against a Service

UtilEbill / energywise york furnace

Purchased under duress. Four days last February 2017 without heat. Came to the house and stated ” good standings with Enbridge” and ” rent to own agreement” with ” buyout” option after one year. The equipment was to be serviced yearly (” 12 visits”) and the contract and equipment both state “247 services”.

Noticed after installed a few discrepancies and I did not provide Enbridge account number so questioned how this came to be”. The cooling off period was ignored by the salesman; the cell was not in service shortly after. Letters, emails ignored or returned to me over a 6 month period. Continue to send out calls, emails, and letters to the address or number on my contract.

The contract states “247 services” but the number is disengaged ( busy signal/ taken off the hook). This contract is breached as I cannot reach for service and as such want to dissolve immediately. I want equipment removed and to walk away from this bad dishonest company/ service.

I am aware there are numerous complaints and lawsuits and will follow suit if we cannot come to an agreement immediately. Return equipment and walk away. As equipment cannot be serviced by another company as per contract and sticker on equipment it is a safety issue as well; don’t want a misadventure such as a fire or blow up cause not serviced/ cleaned or maintained by Energywise.

I want someone with authority to call to dissolve this arrangement immediately. [protected] ( Tina )before I proceed with a lawsuit and bring all documents forward to the police and RCMP.
Thank you
In good faith

UtilEbill Customer Care Service
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