Complaint Against a Service

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / Property Rental Policy Violation

I am still in the midst of a VRBO nightmare. I made a reservation for a 100% fully refundable property (as long as it was canceled within 30 days of arrival.) I canceled it the same day, three months prior to arrival. It’s now been two and a half months, and I still have not received my refund in full. VRBO is saying that they can’t give me the refund in full until they speak to the property owner live. The property owner is saying that she refunded all that they gave her. I’ve called four times – each call results in over 40 minutes with no resolution. I am at my wit’s end. One of the VRBO reps talked to me like I am trash at the bottom of the garbage pile. No apology for the hassle, no offer to help. Just a total fear of standing behind their own policy and a refusal to honor the 100% refund.