Complaint Against a Service United States

Van Kirk & Sons Pools & Spas

Please do not become another Van Kirk Victim. Shame on us for not doing more research before letting them take advantage of us. Please learn from our mistakes and do not let them prey on you too! During the sale process, they were overly empathetic to the fact we had a 2 year old, and my wife was 8 months pregnant with our second. During the sales process they made it seem like they would work with our schedule, and the fact we were about to have a newborn. However, as soon as they got their deposit, we were immediately tossed off onto someone else so their salesman can go ripoff more families.

We could tell that they were not the company we thought they were pretty early on. The straw that broke the camels back was at the end. Just as we thought we were done with Van Kirk, they were going to put in the fence and fill it with water. The fence company called and said that the drawings, permit, and all documents Van Kirk supplied them were incorrect. They did not take into account the actual propery lines. The fence company was nice enough to inform us of the issue before they started installing it, since they would have to install in 6 feet away from where Van Kirk said it would be.

We informed the fence company that we did not want the fence there, and that we appreciated them informing us before tearing up our backyard. We received a phone call from Van Kirk shortly after that. They told us that the fencing company was wrong, and that they were able to put the fence where Van Kirk had originially put on the drawing. Unfortuneatly, this was more misinformation supplied by Van Kirk. When we got home, we noticed that the fence was already starting to be installed in the incorrect place. The fence company told us that Van Kirk told them to just “get it in.”

This has been the worst home improvement experience of our lives. Please do your research people, we do not have to let these contractors rip us off anymore.

Country United States
State Florida
City Deerfield Beach
Address 3144 SW 13th Dr
Phone 1 954-755-4402