Complaint Against a Service United States

Varène Beauty


The website uses plenty of deceptive practices. I’ll go into detail one at a time.

1) Counterfit, Knockoff, Cheap Quality product shipped from China, at 4 times the price of the actual product.

2) The website is using fraudulent scammy practices, such as Use of Trademark symbol, when the truth is that they do not own any trademark, brand, copyrights or products. The trademark symbol has been used excessively throughout the website.

3) FAKE FOX NEWS REPORT – The website is using a Fox News report to trick the customers into buying the product, by using Fox News’ name, as if their product was talked about there (which it wasn’t of course, who are they!!). Link –

4) FAKE REVIEWS – Imported via Loox App available on Shopify store, from AliExpress.

5) FAKE BRANDING – The website is using stock images, and they have their logo printed on them via a website called , which helps these scammers create FAKE BRAND presence and FAKE BRAND IMAGES.

6) STOLEN IMAGES – The website is using BEFORE and AFTER images stolen from Google image search. They have combined several images into a GIF. I’m pretty sure many people have seen these before after images on Google, while searching for Cellulite related images or Fat loss before and after images on Google. Link to the STOLEN before and after images –

7) UNCLEAR SHIPPING TIMES – The website does not disclose any shipping times while checking out. You need to visit the shipping page on your own to find out. Even there, the shipping time that’s mentioned is 5-18 business days, which is ridiculous. How does 5-18 days make any sense? Its just to trick people into thinking that they might get the shipment in about 5-7 days, whereas they get the shipment in like 30 days. Because, its from CHINA.

8) ADDRESS UNAVAILABLE – The company is trying to hide its identity by not disclosing their address to the customers. The address is not there even on the RETURN policy page. Which is Scammy as it is. Because, a consumer at least needs to know where is the company located, so they can shop freely.

9) FAKE TESTIMONIALS – The website uses stock images and portrays it as real people, with the brand name printed on them via a service called The reviews below the testimonials are imported via LOOX app, from AliExpress. So, the customers are not their ACTUAL customers. The customers and their images belong to AliExpress (a wholesale website in CHINA).

10) FAKE “AS SEEN ON” – If the above practices weren’t deceptive enough, Varene Beauty | also uses a fake image which says that they were Seen On ELLE, FOX, VOGUE, WOMEN’S HEALTH etc. Link –

I just wanted to let people beware of these fraudsters, that hide their identity and trick people using deceptive practices to shop with them.

Please deal with them at your own RISK.

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1 (800) 665-5912