Complaint Against a Service

Vasso Skin Care

I was very disappointed in my experience at Vasso. In fact, I was so disappointed that I joined for the sole purpose of posting about it. Unlike most of the other reviewers,

I found her manner to be aggressive and borderline insulting. To her credit, she seemed knowledgeable and passionate enough about skincare that I assumed she knew what she was doing.

Unfortunately, it was also the worst facial I have ever received; it was actually stressful and my face was dryer afterwards than when I went in. Within hours of leaving, I needed to reapply my own moisturizer whereas other facials have left me literally glowing and feeling soft and supple for at least a week.

In addition to moisturizing my skin, I was hoping for a relaxing, pleasant spa experience to pamper myself. Unfortunately, throughout the facial, she chastised me by making comments about how incredibly dry my skin was for a woman of my age (mind you, she didn’t actually know how old I was) and basically tried to scare me into buying her expensive products.

She actually said that over the counter creams could not overcome my dryness and that I would need to use her *expensive* products for at least 6 months to overcome what I have done to my skin or I would experience early aging.

Really? I have actually gotten a lot of compliments on my skin, even from skin professionals. (Also, within the last year, I was carded going to an R rated movie, so someone thought I looked like a high school kid… so I don’t really think I am in danger of looking like a prune any time soon.)

Next, she asked me if I had freckles as a kid, and I said yes, in fact, I still have them and they really pop out in the summer. She follows up to that was that I needed some sort of treatment to remove the spots all over my face (!!!!).

(Umm, no thanks, I actually like my freckles.) Then she accused me of popping pimples on my chin and causing scarring. I NEVER pop my pimples; I have fair, sensitive skin. Essentially, her strategy for getting repeat business or selling her products seems to be making her clients feel bad about themselves.

The only positive was that she did give me some free samples and shared the active ingredients in the products that would be beneficial to my skin.

(617) 792-0669

505 Waltham St Ste 3 Newton, MA, 02465