Complaint Against a Service United States

Vector Way LLC

Colonial Park/Liberty, Vecto, JMT, VectorWay, Eagle Logistics O/Ops beware of these new companies. They don’t believe in time off. They come up with all sorts of tricks to not pay you. They don’t support you with breakdowns. Seems ultimate goal is people just trying to make money off “busy dumb truckers”. L2O companies give you subpar trucks that they charge you extra for to get road ready. On top of that, they charge ($25,000) around $500 a week (which they keep at the end of the year) for maintenance which they AVOID doing at all cost. Cheap loads, bad dispatch, withholding payment, and bad trucks. United States

Country United States
State Illinois
City Franklin Park
Address 441 South County Line
Phone 1 630-705-9005