Complaint Against a Service United States

Venini Furniture & Mattresses

I did two business transactions with Moty Venini on the same day and both I regretted deeply. I rented for the 1st a warehouse off of him, which he uses for his own furniture. Empty and ready supposedly and promised on 01/01/2021. We filled out the lease together on the computer. Before printing I heard him fast typing on his computer, I didn’t expect anything bad, but later on, I found out that there were now two rents of security deposit.

Day by day went by and his furniture still stayed in my rented warehouse. Then I purchased a couch set which was generous discounted, but of course, if it’s first crazy overpriced, a big discount is totally inn it, to catch some nice 5-star reviews which he bragged about. The same furniture as I purchased overpriced at Venini, I found at Amazon for less then the half price AFTER the discount. Another deal was, to pick our old couch up for free (!) and bring it to the new rented warehouse. Well the warehouse never became into our precession, he was rude, angry and arrogant when we pressured him on 01/04/2021 to let us know what is going on with the warehouse. He got extremely angry with me and denied to give me now the key ever!

He said he wouldn’t make business with people like me and he broke our signed contract regarding the warehouse. Sorry it was the 4th, don’t I have the right to know why I don’t get my keys?! So, my couch also never made it to the warehouse and instead of keeping his word of a free delivery, he deducted me from the warehouse refund check a $190 pick up and $190 drop off cost for my old couch!!!! $380!!! Until today he didn’t deliver my couch ! He is a joke!!! Beware, and regarding furnitures, check out amazon, they deliver truly for free and on time!

Country United States
State Florida
City Hallandale Beach
Address 308 W Hallandale Beach Blvd
Phone 1(954) 303-6361