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Vermont Law School (VLS) is a total scam and the ABA (American Bar Association) should revoke this joke school’s accreditation ASAP! Vermont Law suckers naive people into going to this bottom-ranked garbage law school only to churn out law grads who end up unemployed, depesssed and with no future. Vermont Law routinely misleads the ABA and embelishes their public disclosure data with numbers that are misleading. Over 92% of VLS JD grads DO NOT get jobs even after 10 years of passing the bar! No respectable employer wants to hire Vermont Law grads. VLS fired its best faculty which got the school into the sanction list by the AAUP and the ABA. Former professor Craig Pearse even called Dean Thomas (Tom) McHenry a tryant and a hypocrite, a view that is shared by many. And Vermont Law School’s financial troubles are all over the news for anyone to see! VLS accepts JD students with enticement of scholarships only to rescind it later in their lame attempt to balance their budget. And let’s not forget how VLS expelled law student Sissy Bradford because she spoke out against the law school’s racist, discriminatory and predatory behaviour towards its students and she also questioned the school administration’s financial mismangement. Vermont Law School is headed for failure! It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ Vermont Law will close and shut down for good like other failed law schools. After all, Vermont Law School’s founder Anthony Doria was a long-time mobster and a convicted criminal with many felony convictions! Stay far away from this toxic institution!!!