Complaint Against a Service United States


Veterans are dying every f*cking day and to even call these dumba*s worthless f*cks to even get help is worse than calling the VA line directly! F*ck! The VA line is more helpful than these idiots! I dont know how many times Ive called in the last five years just even trying to get help for myself and literally get what you fu*cking expect from calling the VA just to check your f*cking benefits!!!

Where is the goddamn f*cking mental health helpline?? The one that you ought to be f*cking getting when you make the call for help in your most dire f*cking needs!!!!!!! Huh?! Where is it? You stupid worthless dumba*s f*cks! You all are the reason why they are all dying from suicide and why you all deserve to have your brains blown because of it! Its you!!!! And then they have the f*cking gull to f*cking claim that you are “abusing” them when they f*cking need it!!!


Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 855.838.8255