Complaint Against a Service

Viagogo / kiss tickets bought at 18th Nov 2018

I bought from your page at New Zealand, 2 tickets for Kiss concern on Tuesday 4th December at Auckland.

Until now any ticket at sight and no answer from you.
Worts, just to watch at news YOU ARE THE WORST SCAM INTERNET PAGE ( I mean for normal people, for you is great HUSTLE.)

Taking in count the quantity of people has been scammed for you-you must be forbidden from the internet.

I will try every way to take my money back because I have 0 expectation of having my tickets on time and if it is so, I believe they are just false, like many people who went to others concerts and they were not allowed get in because of tickets

were falses.
You just stink!!

Viagogo Customer Care Service

Rue de Lyon 109, 1203
Geneva, DE
+41 843 658 0829