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Facebook Pervert 🐷 Paul Nuske 🐷 – Melbourne, VIC, Australia 🇦🇺

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Here is his Facebook profile:


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Australia Complaint Against a Service

Boutique Homes

Boutique Homes
Boutique Homes


I’m Mark Winter and my partner, Kyunghee Lim own Lot 152 – 36 Miranda Cresent, St’Leonards, Victoria.

Boutique Homes are building a new home on the block besides our block and in that execution have caused considerable damage to our block.

I have raised before this concern of accessing our block without the due communications before. In that compliant and from a Boutique Home Stage 1 Supervisor, Julie [protected]) was told that they would no longer be accessing our block and the damage to the land would be rectified. The front street concrete plinth has been repaired. Boutique Homes Contractors never less have continued to access our block and the land has sustained further damage as result of my request not being duly communicated.

The contractors have pulled down fencing, continued to drive on the block, stored rubbish and had machinery bogged on our land.

On Friday 17th July 2020, I asked the Stage 1 Supervisor to ask the person in charge of the erection of the home to contact myself but have had no reply. My neighbours are in regular communication about the state of my land.

I certainly would appreciate receiving a phone call from a Boutique Homes Representative to address my now real unease for the condition of my block and written confirmation that Boutique Homes will start the rectification of our block. Due to the COVID-19 effects, I wish to put my land on the market and in present condition am unable to do this or personally travel down to resolve our issue.

My contact details are
Mark Winter
Personal Mobile [protected]
preferred phone [protected]
email: – [protected]

Can my request be followed through and my current unease and disappointment be addressed here.


Mark Winter

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