Complaint Against A Cheater United States

Village Green

  • Oct 31, 2020
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We have been living in village green for several years now. A few years ago after another tennant moved from the trailor next to ours village green had an exterminator come out and bomb the place for a severe roach infestation. They did not, however, either notify any one the surrounding residents nor did they have the surrounding homes treated for prevention prior to working on the infestations ground zero. A few weeks later we saw our first roach, ever, in any home we had ever lived in. We IMMEDIATELY contacted village green and requested help as we definately did not want it to get any worse. For several days we heard nothing from them so we called again. We were then told that an exterminator would visit our residance when the next months rounds of treatment for the entire community would be completed. That would be another three weeks. When we asked what exterminator services were approved for residants to use on their own dime as that was far to long of a time-frame for us to wait to have thease pests removed, we were told that under absolutely no circumstances were we alloud to use any outside services that the community manager didn’t assign said task to themselves and that doing so would result in an irreversable eviction for violation of community guidelines. This is just ONE of the many examples of malfesance one the part of this community and/or management. we also noticed halfway through our first lease when cleaning the vents that there weas mold present. After months of complaints to management and a new manager we thought somthing would FINALLY be done about this. We again tried to request assistance with evidance that was found in the vents. We were told in a qiote condisending way that the new manager had “lived in mobil homes in florida” and “that is NOT mold” to which the manager distroyed said evidance and asked us to leave the office if we had nothing else that was actually important to speak with them about. when that laminated floors in the kitchen began wearing through and ripping from frequent usage ( it was cheap thin and not even glued down just layed out and secured with wood edging) we requested repair. We were told no. They added that they would ONLY repair the flooring if we moved out. A few weeks later the manager cornered my wife and told her that if we purchased the home that “Maybe she would be nice and get some things repaired for us.” management also lost the walkthrough report that was filled out before we initally moved in and never did any of the needed repairs listed in it. Very few things have been done to help us maintain their property. What WAS done was completed begrudgingly and we were NOT allowed to forget it. Management knew we are a low income household and could not afford to move out. which was rubbed in our faces on several occasions. Dispite all of this and much more, by far the worst was when the manager screamed at one of our daughters who was walking with her older sister that “You Are The Problem In This Community!” Our daughter was innocent of any wrong doing. She was only walking and talking with her sister.

Country United States
State Georgia
City Rossville
Address 465 Biscayne Blvd
Phone 1 706-866-8444