Complaint Against a Service

Village Inn located in Brighton CO / Service

I ordered 3 pies the beginning of December and I verified the order on December 21st and was told that I could pick them up on the 24th. I asked if there was a specific time and was told no they would be open for business.

As it was when I got to the restaurant at 3:00 p.m., the store was closed. The door was open, I went in and was told they closed at 2:00. I told them I had ordered pies, the girl said let me check. She went back into the kitchen and came back out and said sorry but could not pick them up.

I’m sorry but after driving from Oregon to Denver I was not a happy person to find out that I could not get the pies ordered. As it was another family member was able to get 3 pies from another Village Inn, but not the original ones I ordered and she was told that the location in Brighton was not supposed to close early.

As it stands right now, the people I have told are not going to be going back to your establishment. I know I won’t be going to any Village Inn any time in the future.

If this is how a business is ran, I’m sorry to say it sucks big time. You don’t treat customers like that, they are the ones that pay your wages and bring in business. No customers no money.