Complaint Against a Service

Village Inn Restaurants / Management

Hello, My name is Jordan Shepard. I worked at Village Inn at East Mexico Ave in Denver, CO. I worked there briefly because of how completely terrible my experience there was. After I finally received my paycard, I started getting harassment from the Management there, more specifically Patricia the store manager. She refused to take my calls, and when she did she was rude and raising her voice, and even hanging up the phone. I had to call several times and she stopped taking my calls.

I had to have my boyfriend try to call and get simple information on how to activate my card, asking for corporate information and phone number and the store number. I was given NO information on how to activate my card and eventually was told yesterday about the Dayforce login.

I tried every single possible login and nothing worked. Now my account is locked and I am beyond desperate just to receive my payday. Unfortunately it was too late for me to purchase gifts for the holidays and NO ONE could answer the phone to answer my desperate pleas for help.

I am still left without any answers and I am very angry and upset with the disrespect and unprofessionalism from this store. I won’t mention all the other issues with this store at this time including money stealing, management and employees spreading rumors about my personal, mental health, spreading lies about employees including myself, taking advantage of new employees, ignoring schedule requests, mishandling personal information, food stealing, ignoring customers, and refusing to answer phones.

I was there less than a month and saw FIVE MANAGERS come and go. I’m very concerned about how poorly customers are treated here daily and I wish someone to please check it out. Patricia is the worst type of boss with absolutely no hint of professionalism. I’m very disappointed with my experience at Village Inn and I am very desperate for someone to just please help me.

I am just asking for someone to help me figure out my Dayforce log in and activating my card because I have been spinning in circles since Saturday. If anyone could contact me with ANY help at my email,, would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Have a great day.

Village Inn Restaurants Customer Service
400 W. 48th Avenue
Denver, CO
United States – 80216
+1 303 296 2121