Complaint Against a Service United States

Vincent J Malavolta aka James V Aznavorian

Vincent j malavolta aka james v aznavorian some how talked his own brother into a loan and once again ran without repayment. Having dealt with his brother on a vincent matter and i can say he’s a very smart businessman and person, so for vincent to think he could walk away from a loan, is just dumb, but we’re talking about vincent malavolta who would rob anyone blind if he can get away with it. His brother won and filed a judgment in citrus county court and public records and holds a lien on the home, so it’s just a matter of time and i feel a win for all of us victims.

Vincent aka james is looser and waste of life.

Jd, florida

Country United States
State Florida
City Beverly Hills
Address 63 W. Sugarberry Lane
Phone 352-270-2112