Complaint Against a Service

Vincenzo Giannelli, MD

LOOKING FOR A HELPFUL, KIND DOCTOR who really listens to you & has a warm bedside manner? Go somewhere else! I have seen this doctor twice & he is dreadful to deal with, distant & dismissive.

He MIGHT be a very good doctor: HE certainly thinks he is. This pompous, inarticulate man is full of himself & talks nonstop, never even saying hello or asking why you are there – never asking ANY question.

He never listens. To get him to listen you must interrupt his mysterious prattle. When he is finished talking, he & his assistant pull their signature move: He points you into a different office.

When you get in there, you realize that he is not coming! Your appointment is over! He has ditched you for the next patient & left you with his assistant. She is as sweet as saccharine and condescending as hell.

She plays good cop to his bad cop. What an act! Not ready for prime time but perfect for maximizing income. When I told Jill that I found it rude that Dr. Giannelli did not deign me important enough to listen to any further,

she replied with a cheerful smile: “Welcome to the world of modern medicine!” Well, I know modern medicine: I am very ill with an unrelated disease & also disabled, & I know what good doctors are like.

I adore my primary care physician, my neurologist & my neurosurgeon. They are professional. In comparison, I was so rattled by this treatment I left without asking two questions I came in with! Oh, and get this: The first time I went there, I got there on time.

Every chair was taken by patients waiting. Guess what? Every one of them was in front of me! Please note Most of the eloquent & helpful negative reviews that give Dr. Giannelli just one star has been deemed not important enough to include by which makes Dr. Giannelli’s practice look much better than it really is.

So I do not know if anyone will see mine, as I imagine it will be consigned to the same dust heap.

(202) 775-1792

2440 M St NW Washington, DC 20037 b/t N 24th St & N 25th St West End