Complaint Against a Service United States

Vintage Sphynx Cattery

I researched vintage cattery extensively prior to purchase. I was cautious about using western union, until i learned why they use this method. Vintage cattery has been scammed by people who have purchased their cats via other methods and then retrieved the payment after receiving the cat. I believe one person actually stole 5 cats from them by using paypal and reporting the transactions after receiving the cats.

Through research, i found many positive references and could not find any bad information about the cattery, and so i took the plunge.

I have now purchased 4 cats from vintage: 1 bambino, 3 regular sphynx one for my mother).

From owning 4 of their cats and having spoken to numerous individuals who also own their cats, i don’t have a single bad thing to say about this cattery.

The health of my cats is perfect. Their personalities are exceptional! you could not ask for more loving and socialized babies. You don’t get cats this well balanced from somebody who is not taking care of them properly. They are outstanding.

I stand behind this cattery and wouldn’t go anywhere else. There are a lot of dirty breeders out there, vintage is not one of them.

Country United States
State Alabama