Complaint Against a Service

Vinyl privacy fence

I still haven’t heard from you yet about the privacy fence I started to install. My Attorney came by and has some concerns he fills this single me out so we took a walk around and according to the manager corin in layton utah Quail Ridge mobile home pre existing privacy fence are not to be repaired they are to be taken down when they start to fall apart as we walked around my attorney had me take some pic

we have some knew fences that went up and your home that you have for sale has the knew wood privacy fence also we notice another wood privacy fence that has just been put up so lets be fair you take your fences down and have that guy that put his new one up taken down Ill take mine down or

better yet lets just leave them up and have the people be responsable to keep them nice, and let us have our back yards be privite for our families I have attached the pic of proof and I have many more