Complaint Against a Service South Africa

Virgin Active South Africa / power failure at virgin active eco park

Good day,

My name is Karel Steenkamp and I joined Virgin active by the end of September 2018.
It is very important to say that I believe it was one of the best decisions of my life .
My quality of life / health has significantly changed.
The Personnel at Eco Park – Khomotso, Mangi, Shaq, Nhlanhla, Fortune etc etc assisted me to feel at home there and, up to now – I really can’t complain about anything.
Everyone is friendly; The gym is clean through out, The changing rooms are clean and the facilities very hygienic.
My complaint therefore feels so unnecessary but it is definitely worth mentioning:
* On Early Monday evening (14/01/2019) there was a Power outage and the whole Eco Park Centre was in the dark, except for Checkers which has a Backup generator – I therefore could not do my workout;
* To my big surprise, there was another power outage last night (Tuesday evening 15/01/2019) when I came there and apparently at the time of me writing this letter, it is still off. I’ve now lost out on 2 potential workout sessions.

It came to a very big surprise to me that maybe the most Prestigious Fitness Group in South Africa and maybe abroad, doesn’t have a Backup generator.

I stay in that area since 2010 and can tell you that power outages are very common.
I even have my own backup generator at home.

In our area – if there’s a power outage – you can buy from McDonalds, Steers, Garages – they all have generators

It’s a privilege for me to be a proud member of Virgin Active but it doesn’t come cheap. I never complained about the price.

I however belief it is totally unacceptable for a Fitness Centre like Virgin Active which has such a good reputation, mainly also because of the Passionate founder, Sir Richard Branson, not to have an Acceptable Plan B in the case of a Power outage.

If it’s not possible to purchase a generator for whatever reason, their is always a hire option where a mobile generator can reach them within 1 to 2 hours, depending on the paper work etc.

I was involved in both industries (selling, renting) myself.
I can even refer you to City Generators and several other companies.

I would really appreciate your feedback in this regard, and if you say that backup power, whether permanent or hire, is not a necessity that needs to be explained in detail – I still can’t believe it…

Karel Steenkamp

Virgin Active South Africa Customer Care Service
3rd Floor, Mont Clare Place, CNR Main & Camp Ground Road, Claremont
Cape Town
South Africa¬†–¬†7708
+27 860 200 911