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Virgin Australia Airlines / Communication

Booked online which I provided my contact details of mobile number and email address as that’s how I received the booking details. Departure flights out of Port Macquarie to Sydney weren’t until 540pm. Went to leave the hotel at 9:58AM as we had planned out our day when I received a missed call and called back for the lady to say ‘are you still flying with us today as the check in time closes in 7 mins’

We never received an email, text or call prior to the one this morning to say the flight times have changed basically 7 hours which is absolutely ridiculous!! Apparently there was no email for them to contact me which is crap because I had provided it for the confirmation of the booking online.

Their happy to call me 7mins before the checkin town was closing but not for the general flight time changing.
We’re lucky we hadn’t left earlier because we would’ve missed the flight and had to rebook another one for the next day as she said there were no more for today which means we would’ve had to book another nights accommodation!!

Very disappointed in the lack of effort and communication about the times as we now have had to miss out on today’s plans and just the stress in general about getting there in time!!!

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