Complaint Against a Service

Virginia Tire & Auto of Springfield

I recently I heard a terrible crunching sound coming from my front brakes. I took the van to VA Tire and Auto (VT&A), in Springfield VA, where I now live. They told me I needed all four brakes repaired; stating that the rear brake pads, etc. also needed replacing.

The cost was to be $1400. They lent me a loaner car, for which I was deeply grateful. The VT&A attendant (a very well-mannered gentleman) noted that my previous brake work was still under warranty, so I decided to have my auto insurance company tow the van to Affordable Automotive Repair (AAR), in Fredericksburg.

I returned the loaner car without being charged. And, they gave me a AAA discount on the brake work inspection. I’m not a member of AAA. Many ago, I lived in Fredericksburg, VA and AAR fixed an expensive van repair for free, as I was unemployed.

Needless to say, I’ve returned to AAR sometimes for expensive repairs, e.g., brake work.  When John (AAR repairmen) looked at the van, he noted that there was nothing wrong with my brakes. James (AAR front desk attendant) told me that since I don’t drive the van often,

apparently rust had accumulated and when I applied the brakes it caused the horrible sound I heard.  James also noted that the VT&A quote said that I had rear pads, etc.

Of course, and I had forgotten, that I have drums in the rear. After driving the van, the sound has now disappeared.

If you choose to have VT&A do any repair work on your vehicle, I’d strongly encourage you to, at least, get a second opinion on the estimated repair work before having VT&A work on your vehicle.

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