Complaint Against a Service

Visions Electronics

I made some orders on sunday on line from the store vision at kennedy and 401 store at scarborough one employee said the system is down you have to pay in credit card or debit card i explain to him i have credit of 20.000 i already perches some items the day before from mississauga i asked to talk to the manager then he said tomorrow the system will be fixed i will call you monday nor thursday nor wednesday nor thursday the manager or any of the employees call me to set the order.

On thursday i called the complaining department i explain to employee what happened then he said someone will call you soon from the store in 5 minutes someone called saying to come tot he store to set the order i asked to talk to the manager i told him 4 days no one called you told me you will call the next day

he said i was busy for that reason i did not call i said i will call the complaining department again then i called saying if the manager for 4 days has no time to call to make the order if i need the manager when something went wrong with the items i bought from him how long it will take to respond back and fix the items if he has no time to call me to make the order then the employee apologized he asked me to go and do the order at night at 8:30

i went to the store the manager saw me then said hello then went to the back of the store for more then 20 minutes never came back no one know the order except him he said he saved it or he did not save it i do not believe him anymore so i left i decided to call the complying department again.

Does the manager has the right do what he did? does he get paid for what he is doing or he works free for visions electronics.
Hope the general manager look at the sale of that store?

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