Complaint Against a Service United States

You would think when trying out some products from a company that has a guarantee like what is stated on their website (below), you’d have nothing to lose or worry about, Right?


Try any of our products and if they’re not for you, let us know within 60 days and we’ll take care of you.”

Well, This isn’t the case with Vitauthority. They are set out to rip you off every which way you turn when you want to return their products. Here’s my dilemma with this horrible company.

I placed two different orders with Vitauthority:

On June 13, 2020 –

Tropical Punch Collagen

Melt Bottle

On June 14, 2020 –

Unflavored Collagen

I tried both of the Collagen products once and knew immediately I didn’t like the taste or smell of these products. I didn’t want to send the Melt product back yet as I was still trying it out and wanted to give it a fair chance. I contacted Vitauthority on 6-21-20 and requested to send both of the Collagen products back. Keep in mind, these products are from two different orders placed within a day from each other. I also mentioned to them “I was still trying the Melt product out and that was undetermined” if I was going to return it or not.

Never mind the fact they charge a 15% restocking fee and a MANDATORY $12.50 return shipping label fee. Even though this is a rip off, I was agreeable with this because I knew I wouldn’t drink the Collagen products. It was better to get something back than nothing. Note: These products have been returned to them and it was delivered on 6-27-20. Have not received a refund, yet.

After trying out the Melt product out for a few days, I knew this wasn’t going to work for me as well. So, I contacted Vitauthority (again) on 6-27-20 and requested to return the Melt product back for a refund. Get this… They will not allow me to return the product since the “return label has already been sent for that order”. I told them to send me a return label for the other order since I placed two orders. They said, “I’m afraid I cannot create a new return for a product under a different order number.”

Yet, they allowed me to return both of the Collagen products from two different order numbers. They failed to tell me at the time I requested to return the Collagen products that I wouldn’t be able to return the Melt product back because of their return label policy. They knew this and yet, failed to inform me of their policy. They are ripping off their customers because of their so-called policies. They certainly aren’t honoring their “60 Day Money Back Guarantee and we’ll take care of you” advertised on their website.

So, buyers. Beware of this company. They are not honest and they certainly don’t back up their products with an HONEST guarantee.

NOTE: I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on 6-28-20. Have not received a response from the company, yet.

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 7201 Frankford Ave #949
Phone (215) 543-3599