Complaint Against a Service

Vladimir Grigoryants

Horrible surgeon!!!
Lacks experience. Made a disaster of my poor nose. Blocked my passages and caused problems irreparable.
Should be investigated by medical board because of the high number of patients he does harm to.

It’s been brought to my attention today dr. V grigoryants is responsible for the uploads of 100’s of positive reviews for his practice. He has 4 times the amount of phony positive reviews than celebrity and well-known docs.

He serves legal notices to patients whose bodies and faces he destroys prohibiting them from telling the world what he did and showing their photos.
He is a fraudulent doc to be fooling the public with phony positive reviews.

He did no training in the functionality of nose and is known for causing internal damage and leaving undesirable results!
Causes harm and destroy many lives.

Selling patients tissue and cartilage to tissue banks without their consent is wrong!
Consultations are a joke, 3 minutes if you’re lucky, he has no time for patients, only wants their dosh.

Performs illegal experiments using patients as lab rats for his publications. Used 32 patients and messed their noses doing a short spreader graft experiment. Is now using patients in a long spreader graft trial without their consent!

He will surely kill someone soon! Dangerous horrible surgeon.

1 800 540 0508

1808 Verdugo Blvd, Suite 403 Glendale California United States – 91208