South Africa

Vodacom / Billing for Fibre

My Vodacom fibre service (account number: I7346311-5) was installed on 2 November 2018. I was told by the consultant who came to my home and took my order that I would not be charged for the first month (November), so that I could cancel my Telkom ADSL service, which requires 30 days to cancel.

I just got an invoice for November and December, and the debit order for both months went off my account. I called the Vodacom support line, and was told that the consultant did not specify a “first month discount” on my order, and that I should contact her directly.

However I do not have her details, nor the time to make further Vodacom support calls – both the wait and the calls themselves are quire lengthy.

Could you please resolve the issue as painlessly as possible, and reverse the amount I was charged for November.

Vodacom Customer Care Service
Block H, Metropolitan Office Park 82 Wessel Rd
South Africa
+27 82 111