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Vodacom — contract services of vodacom

This complaint is about Vodacom. I have had my contract with them for almost 5 years now. Paid my account every single month on time and always tried to pay a bit extra for any hidden costs. In August 2019 Vodacom kept cutting my line and baring my service for no reason and I would have to spend hours on the phone trying to unblock my line.

I am self employed and run an online sales company so having access to my phone and internet is vitally important.

It was discovered that I have inactual fact had 4 additional numbers added to my name of which no concent or activation of a sim card was given. These numbers all received airtime of which again I had no knowledge of. A fraud claim was submitted to them fo the now R3000 plus that they apparently are outstanding. With the fraud claim 3 of the 4 numbers were cancelled.

I am still now being told that I am in arrears. They have cancelled all my contact services for the 2 numbers I make payment for that I am aware of and have now barred my line. Emails were sent back and forth cause I wanted them to prove to me where exactly that amount comes from as there are months where payments reflect in the beginning and the end of the month. I have yet to receive a detailed report of this.

Vodacom has now handed me over which again is detrimental to my business and is preventing me from getting any funding what so ever!!! No one has contacted me even though I have sent endless emails and requests to be called and my line is now barred

I am honestly at my wits end now with them I cannot continually to to spend hours on the phone to just have a rude, unhelpful person on the other end. I have proof of a payment every month for the numbers I use. My business is suffering as I cannot contact anyone unless connected to WiFi.

All I want is to get this contact cancelled and move to another provider that can actually do their job. Vodacom offers contracts to anyone on the planet yet the people that pay monthly they cut line and send to debt collectors.

Please can anyone please help me.. I am so close to reporting them to the consumer complaints. I never once argued boating money that I owe but if you cannot show me proof of where it is coming from or how it’s accumulated how can they expect me to pay for it.

Fed up, angry and frustrated 😠 will never recommend Vodacom to anyone ever!!!