Complaint Against a Service

Vodacom / Customer service

To whom it may concern.

I would like to bring to your attention that i have recently become a vodacom contract user . I’ve been with MTN for many years and i had 2 year contract with Telkom but kept my same MTN number.
I joined your company recently as i wanted 1st hand experience with the network and importantly the customer service.

1. January/Febuary i called in to enquire about the monthly installment and was advised of the amount.

2. March a diffrent amount went off and I wanted to confirm.

3. Upfront before the call escalated badly he already displayed unprofessionalism and was rude in his tone about the invoice that he claimed i should be getting which I tried advising him that i don’t get.

4. Titus gave me a breakdown and I needed clarity on the line charge which he become very aggressive of!

As mentioned above with the time and date provided I called “customer care” and spoke to a consultant by the name of Titus, I would like this called to be listened to as all my time I’ve dealt with contact centres – has a call ever ended in this manner. I was absolutely flabbergasted by his way of speaking and I do get that customers can be difficult unnecessarily but this gentlemen was totally uncalled for – stating that i am “jumping down his throat” that I’m not allowing him to finish and just speaking over me with no client-centric approach.

Please i urge you to listen to this call as I’m open minded about the outcome as stated above, I know that clients can have unreasonable expectations and I guarantee you that it’s not who I am. 
I feel this gentleman was extremely rude and uproffesional resulting in my whole experience with Vodacom bitter!!!


Block H, Metropolitan Office Park 82 Wessel Rd
South Africa+27 82 111