Complaint Against a Service

Vodacom / Dongle with 10gig data

I have request from Vodacom for this number a settlement so that I can see how money month is left on this number, and also what the amount outstanding is. I have phone Vodacom to request this, after I have sending them a mail, so over the phone they have told me that the dongle and data on this were cancelled, no sure why, 
this were cancelled last Monday (18th March), by somebody at Vodacom that does not know what they are doing… Why does Vodacom employ somebody like that???
I did not want this cancelled, just looking for figure IF I want to settle!!!
Since then I am battling for Vodacom to put this back like it was, I few people have phoned me, and appologise, Friday somebody phone me to told me his Supervisor again send this to the cancellation department, so this were Friday, so still NOTHING IS DONE, I have explained to Vodacom that this dongle and data get used for a Business, This is a week later, again Monday today, WHEN IS THIS GONNE BE SORTED?????????
This is bad and I am very upset about this, now my account is also MORE as what is is on a monthly basis WHY???????? I do not understand this.

PLEASE COULD SOMEBODY SORT THIS OUT AS A MATTER OF URGENCY, as I have explained this get used for a business.