Complaint Against a Service

Vodacom Northgate Mall / disgusting customer service

on 27th of December my partner and I went into a vodacom store so that we could pay our account. We entered the store in a very good mood and were greeted by a consultant who clearly does not understand basic customer service.

While my partner and I were stood by the counter mid transaction the consultant proceeded to help everybody else but the customers that were infront of her, she decided hugging her friends was way more important than helping us pay our vodacom account to add to that she even went as far as committing gift card fraud all while we were just trying to pay our account.

When we confronted her about the poor service she then decided to shout at my partner. When asking another consultant for an email address to complain as well as the consultants name she decided to scratch out the information so we would be unable to complain about the service.

Part of the problem firstly is that there was no manager in the store which then allowed the consultant to think that she was able to speak to my partner however she pleased and showed the both of us that she has no regard for how she speaks to paying customers or any regard for wether or not she keeps her job.

This was evident when we asked her fig she would speak to us in this manner where the manager was there and she replied “yes, I will speak however I want whether he was there or not.” This is not the standard that we are used to when entering a vodacom store and it is a gross violation of respect on the part of the consultant.

The consultant in question is lady by the name of Ntombi Khumalo and I feel that the managers need to deal with this situation with outmost severity in order to insure the standard of customer service is reached because this clearly an individual who does not want to work in the store so subsequently they should not be let to. I would like to be kept in the loop with regards to the outcome and If no action is taken I will escalate it further myself.

Michelle & Theodore