Complaint Against a Service

Vodacom / Unresolved Billing disputes regarding the multiple contracts I had with Vodacom (main contract number [protected])

The issue started in 2017 around September and or October when I defaulted on my payments and then I consulted with Vodacom Customer Care where an arrangement was made but to my surprise the service was stopped.

All the 3 numbers that were on contract stopped receiving minutes and data. No calls or sms’s could be sent on these numbers. I understand that I still had to pay for the instruments that we received with these contracts but why must I continue being billed for a service that I do not get and when I asked the question no one could answer me.

I then requested for the contracts to be cancelled but they refused and told me that I still need settle the account and only then I could cancel the contract and I must wait for the contract end date before I could do so.

The contract came to an end March 2018 but the billing continued without service and this time it was worse because the numbers could not receive calls or sms’s anymore.

The amount owing never went down regardless of the payment being made and I would go to Vodacom Customer Care Centre where I was told that they can’t assist me I must call Customer Care and the Call Centre is the only place where I can raise such queries.

I called the Call Centre to cancel the contract as soon as it reaches its expiry date and also to dispute amount in the invoice that is forever rising, the agent advised that the contract would be terminated however I will still have to pay the outstanding balance.

I had no issue with that because after the terrible experience that I have heard with these Vodacom I just wanted to cancel these contracts. I have never had any of bad experience with Vodacom for over 10 years that I have been their contracted customer until recently.

They do not have skilled agents that can deal with extra ordinary queries and they make things worse for the customer and they do not have working escalation process to direct such queries to a more skilled team that can give such queries with the attention that they deserve.

Every time I called the Call Centre for assistance I got even more frustrated because no one seem to understand and or give me helpful advises in terms of what needs to happen, how and when.

I need to know why these contracts were billed fully but without service and why the billing continued after the contract end date had passed even after I have requested for the contracts to be cancelled or terminated when they reach their expiry date?

I need for the outstanding balance to be reviewed and corrected so that I can pay the true amount of what is owed if any.

Your Urgent Response will be highly appreciated.
Ntombi Kubheka

Vodacom Customer Care Service
Block H, Metropolitan Office Park 82 Wessel Rd
South Africa
+27 82 111