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Vodafone Group / network issue

i am old customer of vodafone, in our family we have have connections before we had five connections because of vodafone service we decided to use four only for now, i have complaint many times before also but we are not getting any improve facility, we are all about to choose other network service but i saw an add every hour every tour if it is really true then we need tour in our arear there is no vodafone tour neither any tour but other service are good as compare to vodafone, most of the time it shows emergency also we are not interested in vodafone service this is my last complaint if you are not taking any steps we have to choose other service because no one understood other problems if you all really care n think that your customer is valuable for you you will take some necessary steps…thank you hope so you will take some actions and vodafone is a big name but big name does not matters its service matters, moreover in assam, guwahati many other places service is good but in our area damn poor service but who cares…

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