Complaint Against a Service United States

Volaris Airlines Flight 268 and 269 / Worst Service Ever!!!

On May 21, 2019- May 28, 2019 we plan to take my son on a trip to Loreto as he has just graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering.
We arrived two hours early on May 21, 2019 to CBX Volaris counter and were told my dog needed a certificate to board even though I had undated shots and letter from vet. My vet gave me a certificate by email at 8:50am. We rushed to catch our flight to be told we missed our flight and no other flight to Loreto until Saturday. We desperately wanted to get the next flight which would be La Paz. They said I needed a crate for the dog so I got one from a kind passenger who was going to La Paz. ( I didn’t think I needed a crate because the customer support said my dog would be sitting on my lap). With crate, we are excited to board. Then, they made us wait for a half an hour. They tell us we have the wrong dog. What? Because she’s a PUG. I beg them to let her on. The flight is one hour and she’ll be on a plane with A/C for only one hour. (This gentle pup has flown effortlessly on Calafia just last year). With no exceptions, I purchase three one way tickets on Calafia to board on their next flight and used emotional support cert for my Pug. I paid to board the luggage and the crate I didn’t use. I could not use my round trip ticket on Volaris and paid for extra luggage to board and my seats. On the return flight my son and husband flew back without me and I had to ride with my dog by car and purchase gas, meals and hotel. 
There was no compassion for what we went through. No credit from Volaris for our loss. They are callus and take their customers for granted. Never again will we fly Volaris!

Margaret K.