Complaint Against a Service

Von Paris Moving & Storage

Terrible. Dishonest and deceptive. If you want to risk using these movers, make sure that you get a guaranteed price. Otherwise, they will bait you in with a price they know is too low and will wait until it is moving day

when they have all your stuff in their truck before they give you the real price.  I moved cross country and, what with selling my home and moving my business, did not realize the contract they gave me was not binding.

I had a bid from another company for a price that turned out to be better (and honest) and Von Paris told me that the other company was ripping me off and that they would do it for less. I still feel guilty for not giving the other company my business.

(However, when I moved my offices, I did.) Anyway, after they had my stuff, Von Paris raised the price from $10k to $13k. I asked to speak to their “very experienced” estimator and they said he was unavailable and then said he no longer worked there. Bull.

This is just how they do business.  Do yourself a favor and find another mover.

(301) 864-6790
4318 Kenilworth Ave Hyattsville, MD 20781