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It has been a struggle for online shopping with Vons-Albertsons. The purchase system involved in ordering online an delivery is too difficult on the consumer. The customer has to check and recheck status of the amount charged and paid. Usually a nominal amount is charged to your account until the order is complete, delivered, and the True Full Charge is known. Now, Vons has decided to charge the full amount of the purchase, immediately. So if your “rewards” and coupons, etc. are taken off or (which happens every order) there are substitutions or items missing, the Real Charge can been $100 difference on a $150 order. So the store get to keep the charge interest (example $100) for a few days (which would be huge with many people ordering) and then will either delete the current charge and replace. Who can tell? This system of payment just started. Probably will stop ordering for delivery online from this company.

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