Complaint Against a Service United States

Vons — Front End Managers

I Came into the store this evening to grab a few things with my boyfriend and had to urgently use the restroom first. As we got out of our car and asked if the store was still open and where the restroom was, the young boy taking out the trash said he would be with us in a second to open the door. We waited and waited until my boyfriend went to find someone else, they refused to let us use the bathroom and said they were closed for the evening at 11 pm when the store doesn’t close until 1 a.m.
I am very angry !

Customer Service

185 E. 17 th st. Costa Mesa Ca 92627, United States

Complaint Against a Service United States

Vons / Delivery service missing items 2nd time in a row

items were missing from my order, called customer svc who tried to contact driver to see if items were on truck. Driver could not be reached, so I was told to call back in 30 minutes. Called back and was told that I could get refund for missing items. Since they did not total $20, they could not re-deliver unless I placed an order totalling $35 or more, and I would still have to pay service fee of $3.95 plus delivery fee. I had several bags of items missing from my last order, but they were delivered two hours later. I am physically unable to go to the store and rely on delivery. The people I spoke with were professional, but VONS policy about not taking responsibilty to rectify their errors will cause me to take by business elsewhere.

Vons Customer Service

618 Michillinda Ave.
Arcadia, CA
United States – 91007-6300+1 877 723 3929