Complaint Against a Service United States

Vrajitoarea Mihaela Minca, Anda Mihaiela , Casanndra Buzea –

Mihaela is a psychic and a witch and does rituals for people. i was despearate to find a job and i find her on the internet and she promissed me that she will help me be sucessful and guaranteed it. then she rushed me into paying asap. as soon as i pay she stopped contacted me. before i paid, she told me that she needs to see me on the chat to make a connection with me, so i waited that time, and she did not call, so no video chat that she says it is necessary. then i called her she says tomorrow, tomorrow comes and she says next tomorrow (english is nor her first language) then i waited and waited. the video would also show that she is doing something with your piccture and candles and stuff around it as shown on her advertisement. but she also told me that she will giveme a report and tell me after the ritual is done what i need to do next and the things i need to buy for luck. so i kept calling and calling and texting to give me results no contact anymore. then i checked her facebook page she wasn’t even in romania which is where i paid 593 dollars yes that much, so she wasn’t even there she was in LA. she would not answer my calls and then i contacted her daughter Casandra who is workign with her, and she says that the ritual should be performed for 20 days. it is now third month and still no report nothing from Mihaela. she took my money and i see no results i didn’ t see the pictures or videos of my rituals being done. she also guaranteed me that the resuls are immediate. nothing. she is a scam.

Country Australia
State Australian Capital Territory