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I have been going to WH across the country for 30+ years. I go once a week and get the same order every time and leave a nice tip. This Waffle house happens to be the closest to me since I moved to this area. I have been 3 times and all 3 times have been a disaster. First time they managed to get “chunked” mixed up with onions. 2nd time I came in 10 minutes like I was told and they had not dropped the order. This time I came in 10 minutes later was told it was not up yet. 30 minutes later nothing. The entire places turned, multiple To Go orders came and went. No one spoke, no one did anything. I make sure to come early enough so its not in the late breakfast rush and always tip atleast $5. If this site will not fulfill to go orders they need to say so. I always thought the Macon WF I used to go to was the worst but this one quickly surpassed it just due to attitude. I have been to WH after HURRICANES that make this one look like the trash it it.

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5466 Hwy 153, TN-153, Hixson, TN 37343 , United States
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